XLRP Clinical Trials

phase 2/3

The Vista clinical trial is for males between the ages of 12 and 50 who have X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP), caused by a mutation in the RPGR gene, that results in loss of vision due to degeneration photoreceptors in the retina. If a patient meets the eligibility criteria, he may be randomly assigned to one of three groups – either the lower-dose treatment group, the higher-dose treatment group, or a third untreated control group.

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Eligibility for the Vista clinical trial:

Be male with a diagnosis of XLRP confirmed by a qualified healthcare professional

Have a mutation in the RPGR gene confirmed by genetic testing (no-cost genetic testing is available)

Be between the ages of 12-50 years (inclusive) at the time of screening

Have best corrected visual acuity no better than 20/32 and no worse than 20/200 in one eye

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Consider a pre-screening option for your patients with XLRP

Beacon Therapeutics is offering patients the opportunity to pre-screen for the Vista study through our partner, 20/20 Onsite, which provides mobile vision services in a vehicle that goes directly to your patient, eliminating the need for your patient to travel.

Pre-screening can be a good idea for your patients because:

  • It is a convenient option to see if they may be a good candidate for the study
  • It reduces the time burden and travel commitment associated with screening
  • Patients can request access to their records and share with their providers

Mobile Vision Clinic (MVC)

The Mobile Vision Clinic provides the environment of a fully operational vision clinic. Your patient can choose a day and time that works best for them to receive their scheduled visit from the MVC and their team. Your patient will receive eye exams, free of charge, by trained technicians in a private setting brought to their home or nearby location.

Pre-screening at the MVC is a no-cost option for your XLRP patients, but is not required for participation in the Vista clinical trial.

Key Eligibility Criteria for Pre-screening:

  • Be between 12-50 years of age at the time of informed consent and assent
  • Be male

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What's involved in participating in the Vista clinical trial?

Qualification for the Vista clinical trial involves confirmation of XLRP genetic testing and a medical history review to confirm that eligibility requirements are met. Patients will attend three separate screening visits at the study site to determine eligibility.

Refer a patient for pre-screening

What can study participants expect?

  • Genetic testing to confirm XLRP with RPGR gene
  • Three screening visits at study site
  • Administration of investigational study therapy (if randomized to a treatment group)
  • Regular follow-up visits from 2 to 6 years
  • All travel-related and study expenses for the patient and a study companion to be covered by the sponsor
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    *Improvement in visual sensitivity is based on multiple measures including change from baseline in visual sensitivity of at least 7 decibels in at least 5 loci or a statistically meaningful improvement between the treated and untreated eye. †Visual sensitivity, visual acuity and safety data were reported for 12-month time points for Groups 2, 4, 5, and 6.

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